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  • What We Do

    We're on a mission to help dogs and the people who love them connect for life.

    Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner

    Build a strong bond.

    Our mission is to help dogs and the people who love them connect for life. Our methods can successfully teach what is wanted, build confidence, reduce reactivity, and improve impulse control for dogs and puppies of any age, any temperament, and any background.


    We advocate and use a revolutionary approach to teaching dogs known as clicker training. Clicker training is effective, easy, fast, and fun. To the dog, clicker training is a fun game that he gets to play with you. To you, clicker training is a way to talk to your pet and reach your goal! Learn more.

    Puppy Start Right Preschool

    Prepare your puppy for a lifetime.

    Early puppyhood is a critical time for socialization and learning. Experiences during this time set the stage for the rest of your puppy’s life. The best time to socialize your puppy is between 7 and 12 weeks of age.


    Learn how to make new experiences fun and proactively parent your puppy to teach what is wanted while positively addressing common puppy issues such as house training, play biting, and chewing. Enrollment is always open. Learn more.

    Fear Free Professional

    Be proactive rather than reactive.

    Our methods avoid physical force and corrections, including verbal reprimands. Instead our methods focus on proactively setting your pet up for success and rewarding what is wanted. This can include steps to prevent or reduce fear and anxiety associated with visits to the veterinarian.

    Behavioral Health Team

    You are not alone.  Help is available.

    You are not alone. Help is available for you and your pet with behavioral issues related to fear and anxiety such as reactivity, aggression toward other dogs or people, and separation anxiety. As part of the behavioral health team, we can partner with you and a veterinarian specializing in behavior to improve your and your pet's quality of life.


    A veterinary behaviorist that we often work with and highly recommend is Kenneth Martin, DVM, Diplomate, ACVB. Dr. Martin (Veterinary Behavior Consultations LLC) is available in our area for telephone consultations with pet owners and other veterinarians. Learn more.

  • What We Do

    Oh, the wonderful things

    we can (help you) do.

    teach basic manners

    All the basics & just for fun stuff too.

    build confidence

    Learn to shape from fear to fun.

    teach impulse control

    Teach that waiting for the "green light" from you pays handsomely.

    reduce reactivity

    Learn to guide proactively rather than reactively so that your dog feels safe.

    teach leash manners

    Walking your dog or puppy off your home property daily is the single most important thing you can do to improve behavior and welfare. Learn to teach your dog to walk nicely and sniff too.

    assist with complex behavior problems

    Requires supervision of veterinarian specializing in behavior and a prescribed behavioral treatment plan.

  • How We Do It

    Learn more and spend less by picking your own goals and price point.

    We work with you to find a solution that works for you & your dog.

    Our goal is to provide quality services at a good value so that both your time and money are well spent. Our unique modular lessons based on your goals and our flexible session length put you in control. One-on-one instruction tailored to your needs helps you and your dog learn more in less time.


    Starting as low as $20 (for 20 minutes) at our indoor training studio, each session includes customized, private coaching, consultation, or training. A typical studio session is 30 minutes to 1 hour in length and ranges from $30 to $60. New clients also pay an additional one-time materials fee of $15 to cover the cost (no mark-up) of the Puppy Start Right book and a clicker ($30 value).


    Starting as low as $45 (for 30 minutes depending on location), home visits are also available. Since more time is required to accommodate home visits, additional travel charges (depending on location) will apply for these sessions. Our service area includes Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Walker, Prairieville, Gonzales, St. Gabriel, Central, Baker, and Zachary. Contact us to check availability and rates for sessions held at your location. Email your address for a quote.


    Puppy Start Right Preschool may be either a group or held privately. Group sessions are limited to healthy, veterinarian-vaccinated puppies who are between 7 and 12 weeks of age at enrollment. Puppies of any age may attend privately.

  • Puppy Start Right Preschool

    Group sessions are limited to healthy, veterinarian-vaccinated puppies who are between 7 and 12 weeks of age when they join the first live group class.


    4 live, weekly, 1-hour puppy socialization & parenting classes.


    5 supplemental video lessons

    (video-on-demand for 8 weeks).


    Puppy Start Right book (kindle version upon request) and guide with 1 clicker.


    All household members involved in the daily activity of the puppy.


    Puppies should be between 7 and 12 weeks of age when starting class.


    Must have at least 1 vaccination series at least 10 days prior to starting class.


    Early puppyhood is a critical time for socialization and learning.  Puppy class is the single most important thing you can do to help your puppy reach his full potential!

    COST - $199



    Settle Mat (+ $10)

    Chew Toy (+ $10)

  • Who We Are

    My journey began as a pet parent searching for answers to help my own dogs.

    Tammy, KPA CTP

    Pet Parent First

    In 1996, Tammy completed advanced degrees in engineering and began working fulltime as an engineer. As a pet parent searching for solutions to behavior issues among her own dogs, she soon rediscovered her passion for teaching and learning. As a result of that search, Tammy discovered Karen Pryor and the Karen Pryor Clicker Training website.


    With a background in the practical application of science as an engineer, and as someone who finds activity requiring any athletic ability beyond hand-eye coordination challenging, Tammy found clicker training much more appealing than the traditional obedience classes. Clicker training was the solution for which she had been searching. Out of a desire to share what had been "discovered," Tammy changed careers so that she could help other pet parents like herself searching for answers.

  • When We Do It

    Available by appointment only.

    M-F @ 12 - 7 pm

    Sa/Su @ 12 - 4 pm

    One-on-One Coaching

    Sat. @ 2 pm

    Sun. @ 3 pm

    Group Puppy Preschool